Commercial litigation.


Our lawyers often represent Indiana businesses and individuals in various types of commercial litigation.  We have represented parties in partnership, membership and shareholder disputes, contract litigation and collection matters. 

Our firm has substantial experience in litigation involving bankruptcies in Indiana.  Bankruptcy litigation involves a wide range of complex issues such as business reorganization, tax issues, non-dischargeability contests and other matters unique to bankruptcy.  Our lawyers are experienced bankruptcy litigators capable of guiding our clients through these complex problems. 

The Firm’s lawyers have participated in numerous mediations for dispute resolution in matters including loan defaults, commercial and residential foreclosures, contracts, creditor/debtor disputes, and business deadlocks, dissolutions, liquidations and reorganizations..  

Our work begins well before a case goes up on appeal, preparing dispositive motions in the trial court or preserving issues for appellate review.  Members of our appellate practice have argued and briefed cases in the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, the United States District Courts, the first level of appellate review from bankruptcy proceedings, as well as the Indiana Court of Appeals and the Indiana Supreme Court.