Bankruptcy for farms.


Our firm handles a good percentage of all Chapter 11s and 12s for family farmers, farming business, and family farming businesses.

Only a few firms in the State of Indiana have experience at all in filing Chapter 12s in recent times. We have probably filed more of them than any other firm. 

We spend a great part of day working on farm issues for farmer clients. This spans the range from out-of-court work-outs to lender negotiations to equipment lender negotiations all the way to filing Chapter 11 or 12 when necessary.

We have experience with row-crop operations, custom farming operations, cattle, dairy, grain storage, swine, fowl, specially crops, and everything in between that can be grown in Indiana. 

Chapter 12 is a powerful tool for family farmers in Indiana. It can set things straight and keep you and your family on the farm even when lenders are saying "no."

These are challenging times for Indiana farmers, who have no say over the weather, the price of inputs, and most importantly the price of grain. There is no shame in fighting back against forces bigger than yourself.